Saturday, November 14, 2009

Biztalk : PartUpdateDisallowedException Exception

When you are going to update any message in Construct shape which is already constructed, then you will receive this type of error. Like you are receiving msg1 and just after this receive shape, you are going to construct this message once more. In this type of situation, you will receive this type of error.

To resolve this error,create a new message in orchestration view of same type. And use this new message in new message in construct shape. Same problem can occur when you are sending message to .net assembly too. So make sure when you want to update any message, it must be new.

Biztalk : tracking database doesn’t have any records about the selected service instance yet

I was getting this error while running my biztalk application. After searching on search engine, I have not received any response. Then I tried to see the host instances are working properly or not. And there I found the actual solution. That my application reunning in a host instance(test) was not running. I start that orchestraion and test my application. Its working fine now. Check your Host Instances working properly in which you have configured your BizTalk application. It will resolve your error.

Vijay Modi

MySql: Plugin ‘InnoDB’ registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed.

To resolve this error, please go into the following location:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\Data

and delete “ib_logfile0″ and “ib_logfile1″.

Then go to Services and start your MySql. It will resolve the error and start you MySql.
Why: According to my search: Open the my.ini file and check the InnoDB variables’s size. When above file exides the mentioned size it will prompt this(“Plugin ‘InnoDB’ registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed.”) error.


Vijay Modi

How to Use C# code in vb project. ?

Today, I was facing a problem to how to use C# code in vb WebProject. I got the solution from the following URL:

Vijay Modi

Barcode Specifications

I created an application to generate barcode based on the user inputed data. I have written an application for generating barcode based on “Code 128″. I generated that Borcode based on the following specification.
You can find all barcode specifications on the following link:

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Vijay Modi

Validation on User Registration

Mostly we are giving functionality for registration on the website and use the website. And using our registration page, user can register him/her and set the UserName and password whatever he/she want. Here we are inserting some validations on client side and server side for checking the data entered by user is valid or not. However one more validation we require on Server side. This is regarding the UserName. We are providing functionality like user can create any UserName. We are checking on server side that the UserName enetered by User is exist or not. And if userName not exist we are creating that User with the UserName that he/she set on registration page.

However we should set one more validation on this registration page for UserName that the user cannot create UserName with the website domain name. Like if site domain name is “”, then user cannot create UserName, which contains the Domain Name in his UserName. Means user cannot register with UserNmae like ‘testing’, ‘testing123′, ‘123testing123′, ‘123testing’, ect…
This is very important as once user register with these name, he can sent mail to other person using that same ID from the website. So we should add validation on server side that the User cannot register with the UserName which contains domain name.

We should also add validation for some common names too. Like we should add validation on server side that the user cannot register with some common names like “hr”, “info”, “information”, “contacts”. So we should also add these list in our Server Side validation. So that user cannot register with these types of UserName.

Let me know your input for the same.

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Vijay Modi

Find table from Column Name in an MSSQL Database

From the following query you can find all the tables contains the ‘FirstName’ column.

FROM sysobjects
JOIN syscolumns ON =
WHERE sysobjects.xtype=’U’ AND like ‘FirstName’
ORDER BY,syscolumns.colid

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